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Airdrop Result

There are a total of 3542 entries among 246 participants. The top 5 leaders: Kelly Kilson, Bear Tuna, Felix Guya Rosario, Ricky, vikram, had 353, 207, 112, 87, 85 entries respectively, and have already been contacted and will be sharing $535.42 total in tokens.


Another randomized draw has been executed and 100 winners have been picked to share $500 in tokens (chances were based on the number of entries).  Please see the list below for the names of the winners. If you are on the list, please send an email to

with your wallet address and the exact email (or Telegram/Twitter name) that you used to register the airdrop for verification. You have 48 hours to claim your prize (until September 8th, 6 am UTC). The prize will be sent shortly after the claiming period (or could be sent earlier if every winner has contacted me with their details).

Airdrop Winners

Ayman, Terry Masson, Chin Wei Jin, john carter, Bongani Radebe, Hanson Cheuk, Mikoo Mendoza, Kirk Morris, Joshua Hutcheson, Alfredo Rosillo, spike, charles chandler, Crypto Tiwi, pogger, Izu Mgbemere, Mr Goreelah, Sachit, Dragan Iveljic, Joshua rodriguez, Gabriela Kubanza, Louis, Tikelo, felicity jones, brian thomas, bj reily, harry cho, will formet, simon adams, ray smith, elena ryokan, Ken, kevin yiu, tina ng, izzy coon, scott, andrew fan, Kb, Roland White, Keith Fointno, Scott McLaughlan, Nick, Minh Cong Bui, Simon Kong, @Markgcw61, Justin, Ricards Varavs, Martins Ziemelis, Eric Giles, Gamer, Karim Touma, Patrick K, David Johnson, Pedro Santos Sandoval, ThePhiloCrypto, Johnny, Abdellatif Bakka, CARLOS EDUARDO, matus benacka, Herman Teo Wei Wen, Juan Eduardo Paulino, Ozan Muldur, Kofi Afari, Esther Adjei, Edel K, Matthew Moor, Junya, Brad Varnell, Gutter, Brian Obange, Awktane, Jitu, Kana, Lala, GG, Keoni Cruz, chris mcdonald, Elaine Thompson, Mary P, Crypto Punk, Jagrut P, George Michaels, cory matthews, Rose Jien, Ridwan Y, Larry Adams, Mami Garsela, Xander Claude, Woods, Jacki Lee, Aliyah A, Jaden Atlas, Jill Scott, Steven Adams, Alexis Arki, Ryan Schmitt, Sui Beifong, Mari Peppin, Matt James, Jose Zuniga, Mikayla Campbell

Past Airdrop Contest
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