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First of all, to make it clear, one of the reasons for starting this project is to create a successful and sustainable project to fund my tuition and possibly pay off my student loans. In the beginning, I came up with the idea of creating a token while interacting with bot on discord (which offers 200+ cryptocurrencies for users to send and receive). Then, I then started to realize how easy it was to make a copy of an existing token, which later on led to the name of this token. But, you may ask, what is the purpose of this token? Why do we need yet another new token?

You see, there are many, many copycat tokens/coins out there. We have way too many and they are still exponentially increasing each day. What can we do about it? Well, let me introduce you to the COPYCAT token, which is nothing but itself a 'copycat' through an ERC20 token generator. I'm sure you will start seeing copycats of this token but in the meantime, you can buy this token and give it to projects or whoever copied your ideas! It is important to understand that, like all crypto, the token itself is nothing special, its value is determined by how people view and use it. The name of this token says it all: it is a copycat and is intended to satirize 'copycats' out there in the wild. There is no intrinsic value of this token but as people gradually come to accept this token, the value will go up over time.




20211114 update: You will be able to mint all collections from TheCubeNFT with special prices if you hold COPYCAT!

Once you buy this token, you can start sending it to the contract address or the founder's wallet of the 'copycat project'. It is not so much about how much you send but more about how many people are sending it. You don't have to send a whole token but a minimal amount. Remember, COPYCAT has 18 decimals, i.e. you can send as little as 0.000000000000000001, which doesn't really decrease your overall value. Note that most of the tokens out there aren't designed to be able to retrieve tokens that were sent to the contract address, so the tokens you sent will be 'stick' onto the project forever. Moreover, if you are sending it to a contract address that does not implement 'recovery' functionality, it is essentially burned. This deflates the value of the token!

Basically, by sending this token, you are essentially labelling someone or some project as a copycat. As more and more people adopting this idea, it will act as a way to express a public consensus about the originality of the project! Since the blockchain is immutable and at the same time transparent, it will be counted and be observed for as long as the blockchain exists. We can further build an analyzer to parse all such transactions and conclude the likelihood of being a copycat and how many people agrees over time.

This idea of satirizing and labelling copycats is not restricted to the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore it will likely be bridged onto all blockchains to be able to take effect and catch all the copycats out there. We could as well also see more examples of such kind of tokens in the future!




40% of the overall supply will be available in the form of liquidity, 40% is currently locked, 10% will be held in the founder's wallet, and the remaining 10% will be equally divided into marketing and development (including funding).


40% of the total supply has been locked through a smart contract. Community can decide how it should be used (e.g. burn, marketing, airdrop, ...etc.) after the locking period expires.


This is the simplest token ever, it has a 10k maximum supply and is not mintable. There is no backdoor and there is no additional tax for transactions. I will peg the token to a value by providing a dense liquidity pool at a price point so it can never go to zero.


Copycat must be a cat. The drawing is done with a trackpad to make it extra original and hard to forget. The 'plus sign' on her forehead denotes duplication and makes her a true COPYCAT.


Uniswap V3 will be used to provide concentrated liquidity. It requires careful adjustment as the market moves, but they do not allow changing ranges of existing pools, therefore you may see transactions for adding and removing liquidity of various pools. Anyone can become a liquidity provider after pool initialization with respect to a particular fee tier.

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Pre launch AMAs & Airdrop

Successful Launch (ERC-20)

Listed on Nomics (A Grade)

Free NFT to holders & Discounts

More AMAs/Reviews


New Use Case for Minting NFTs



Anything listed below is not set in stone. These are just ideas I came up with. They can change over time as we get better ideas or suggestions. We also need enough funds as well as a big community behind this project to make them happen.

Database Query Service

Unique NFT Drops

A querying service with rankings for copycats based on COPYCAT token transactions. The accused 'copycat' owner can submit an appeal for possible rehabilitation.

Hand-made NFTs or randomly generated NFTs for all or top COPYCAT holders to purchase or mint. The first official drop could be a set of unique variants of the COPYCAT.

Basic Copycat Scanner

A basic scanner to find and show tokens of exact or similar copies of a given token. Obviously, we cannot scan and find similar ideas behind a token but we can scan its contract code that lives on the blockchain.

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